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Birmingham Genealogical Society
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Our History

The Tuscaloosa County Genealogical Society was originally organized in 1975. From the start the Society decided to have two separate groups and would met the first Thursday of each month.

It was agreed the morning group would meet at 10:00 am and the evening group would meet at 7:00 pm. One of the first meeting places was upstairs at the Friedman Library on Greensboro Avenue. It had a "homey" atmosphere with its creaky stairs and floors.

The primary goals of the society was to promote genealogy in the community in as many ways as possible and to make sure that anyone who came to the meetings would learn something by being there. The first regular meetings were on December 4, 1975 and officers for each group were elected to serve through 1976.

Today, the Society meets in the Rotary Room of the Tuscaloosa Public Library on Jack Warner Parkway in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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